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I found this on the “discover” section of the twitter app! I saw the headline saying “Fans target Bruno Mars’ girlfriend” First of all it’s dumb for twitter to post a story right now about something that happened in Aug. 2011! Second this story makes Hooligans look like wack jobs when truly most Hooligans are kind, funny, and sweet :)
I don’t know about you guys, but I think we are respectful to Bruno’s life and wish the best for him. Yes we may wine and moan at the fact that he is taken but we still RESCPECT!
I love you Bruno



It Will Rain (the first version) :O Man I really wish I could see the original music video! Bruno let us see it, pretty please with a carrot on top.
*IWR Melody*
If you don’t show me the first version, then leave some morphine at my door. xD

why did he changed the clip?

I think he said the 1st version wasn’t good enough. He only wants the best for his Hooligans :D

Oh Justin Bieber you are a bad boy! Seems like the Biebs got a ticket for going 100mph on the freeway. He claims that paparazzi were following him!
My opinion: Justin should not have driven so fast. He put people around him in danger and his own life in danger. His car is built for speed,but that’s too much horsepower for an 18 year old. Also, that silver bullet car is just an attention grabber, that’s why paparazzi follow him. I think he needs a personal driver or a “down low” car that no one would think he would drive.

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